Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Here it goes...

I am not a good journal writer so this blog is an attempt to document the happenings of our family and keep a record of the things that go on. I'm not a fancy person so it probably won't be the cutest blog out there, but I'm good with that. My hope is to be able to print this out yearly and keep an on-line journal of life events in our family. I believe that keeping records is important and I want Britton to be able to look back when he gets older and have a glimpse of what his early life was like. I want to remember the little day to day moments we share so that when he is all grown up and moved out (It is making me cry even typing that!)  I will have something to read and remember.  I am so thankful for Jeremy and Britton in my life. They make my days happier and have shown me what true love really is. I hope to post monthly about what is going on with each of us. So here it goes:

Jeremy is doing really well in school. At the beginning of this year we found out that he did not get into the Nuclear Medicine Program at the U, which was something he was working so diligently towards. It was a sad deal, but he has channeled his energy in a new direction. He is working towards his Bachelor's Degree in Health Education and Promotion hoping to move on and get a Master's in Hospital Administration. He should graduate next spring and then we will look at applying to some different programs. Through this process he has shown me what real faith and courage is. Though he was disappointed, he continues to move forward with faith that things will work out the way the Lord intends. He is a good man and a good father and I am so thankful for him!!

I am doing good at work. I work part-time for LDS Family Services. I work primarily with single expectant mothers who are trying to make a plan for their baby. Whether they are parenting or placing their children for adoption, I strive to help my clients put together a plan that will make them successful in whatever they choose. I also spend one day a week doing clinical counseling (marriage counseling, individual counseling). I can genuinely say that I love my job. I love meeting with my clients and seeing the progress and changes that they are making in their lives. My incredible birth mother's inspire me each time we meet to be a better person. It is a privilege and honor to be a part of their journey. I am currently working towards licensure with the state. My job has a very flexible schedule which allows me to be home enough that I still get to be a mom to my little guy. I feel pretty balanced right now between work and being a mom and I am thankful for that!!

Britton is an absolute doll. He is starting to enter the terrible two stage and temper tantrums are a daily occurrence. We learning the in's and out's of how to deal with them and things are improving. This past Monday he had a really hard day and by the time the night was over I was about ready to sell him to the  zoo (kidding). The night ended with him sitting in the bath tub eating crackers and juice. He is pretty good most of the time though. He is so smart that it scares me. He is starting to talk a lot more and while most of it is just babbling he does speak quite a few words pretty clearly. He understands so much and I am sure he is a genius! (No bias here at all!) He is really in to trains these days and every time one passes by our house (which is 6-7 times a day) we have to run upstairs to his bedroom window and watch it go by. It is hilarious to watch him drop whatever he is doing and excitedly run upstairs yelling "choo-choo". I love this kid to death!!

I am excited about this blog. I really hope I can keep it going as an online attempt at a journal...I think I will do better at that...I hope:)