Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Fun

This year we got a special treat. Jeremy got to take Halloween night off so we got to go trick or treating as a family for the first time. Jeremy spent the day teaching Britton to say trick or treat...he perfected it until we got to people's doorsteps and then he got shy.  It was pretty cute though.  Jeremy is such a good dad and Britton absolutely adores him. 

Of course Britton had to be a train for Halloween. He literally walked down the "tracks"  a.k.a the sidewalk yelling, "Choo-choo".  He is the cutest Thomas the Train I have ever seen. 

We had a great Halloween and I am so glad we got to be together. He got more candy than he knew what to do with! We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. The holidays are so fun:)


  1. So cute! I am glad that you were all able to spend it together!