Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Fun

Happy Easter!! We had such a good weekend together. Our fun started at a family easter egg hunt. 

Getting ready for the big event

He was more interested in seeing what was in the egg than getting a lot of them:) 

Finally figured out more eggs=more candy

He has more candy than any one child should


Love my cute egg hunter!

After our easter egg hunt we had mama, papa, Heidi, and Jesse came over for dinner and then we dyed easter eggs. Britton loved it. 

Love those big brown eyes.  Such a cutie!

Dyeing easter eggs is more fun in your underwear....just sayin



My mommy loves me

Love my family!

With all the Easter fun it is easy to forget what it is really about. Jeremy and I have been studying the final week of the Savior's life for our couple study this week. It has been a good reminder of what this season is all about. We are grateful for our Savior and the sacrifice He made for us. We are grateful for the knowledge of the restored gospel and the eternal nature of families. We know that it is through the grace of God that we are able to be an eternal family. 

The pregnancy continues to go well. Girlfriend is a mover. She likes to take her elbow and dig it across my entire stomach. It is very uncomfortable. It is ok though, because as long as she is moving it reassures me she is ok. I don't know why but I've been nervous this whole pregnancy. I like to be reminded that she is growing and developing even if it hurts a little. Here's some photos from the last month. 

24 Weeks-Steph

My good lookin' hubby

Our pantless boy

26 Weeks---not the most flattering shot of me

I promise he does wear pants....occasionally 

Overall its been a good month for us. Jeremy has one more month of school and then he graduates!! We are so excited and ready for him to be done and home. We are working on his applications for grad school and should be done with them in the next week. We are very blessed and grateful for all the wonderful things we have in our lives.