Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I have to start this post by saying how grateful I am for my hubby. He is a good man in so many ways. He's been out of school for the last three weeks and I have been keeping him so busy with all our projects we want to get done before baby Savannah gets here. He started by cleaning out the garage and is currently working on the downstairs. He is gracious enough to do all the work while I sit in a chair telling him what to do. I'm pretty sure he deserves the husband of the year award for the next 5 years for putting up with me. We should finish the down stairs this weekend and then we will head upstairs. I still need to get Savy's room together before she gets here. Doing that will require going through all our bins and making room in the closet for all her things. We are getting very excited. 

Our biggest project was cleaning up our backyard. About six months after we moved in (over three years ago) our fence in the backyard fell down. Our neighbor has a hard time caring for his backyard and as a result we have had various critters in our backyard including cats, snakes, deer, and multiple hornets nests. I have never been able to let Brit out in the backyard without worrying that something would happen to him. Thanks to Jeremy's and my parent's we were finally able to replace the fence this weekend. I am so grateful for all that our parents do for us. We are truly grateful for their kindness and generosity. Here are some before and after pictures of our yard: 

 The north side of the yard where the fence fell down 

The east fence--old and worn down

Areas where a garden should have been, but I'm too lazy to do I wouldn't eat the vegetables anyway!

Day 1 begins by weeding the garden areas

Helping daddy!

Day 2 begins by helping daddy and papa take the old fence down and lay the posts for the new fence

 Aren't they cute!

My dad being innovative in his fence building activities

Fence is up--no more critters from the neighbors yard!

New east fence with freshly planted grass

South fence with more grass seeds!!!

I am seriously beyond excited to have our backyard cleaned up. I will no longer be embarrassed to have people see our yard. I am looking forward to the grass coming in so I can let Brit outside to play without worrying about what will eat him:) 

While the boys were building the fence my mom was helping me decorate the inside of the house. Crafting and interior design have never been a strong point of mine, but I think we did a good job. She brought out some pictures from our old house and she made two new signs to hang up in the house. I now feel like the downstairs in cozy.  Thanks so much mom!!! You did yourself proud!

So thankful that Jeremy is home and that my parents were able to come out. We had a good few days with them and I appreciate the sacrifices they made to come out and work instead of having a relaxing vacation. 

Other exciting news: Britton has started swim lessons at the Rec Center and is loving them. He loves his teacher and is really comfortable in the water. He is loving learning how to swim and I am grateful for how good the teachers are at the Rec Center. They do a good job with my energetic boy who sometimes has a hard time focusing on what he is supposed to be doing. 

My pregnancy continues to go well. We are getting closer and closer to the first week of July and I am stoked. My doctors appts are going well and baby girl is growing right on track. She is active and busy. At my last appt the doctor laughed at me because she is always laying in weird positions and my stomach always appears lopsided.  I am starting to get pretty tired these days, but we are doing good and hanging in there. These pictures are from about three weeks ago: 

30 weeks

 My cute boys--30 weeks

All in all we are having a good spring. I'm loving spending so much time with my boys and am grateful for all of our blessings:) LOVE MY FAMILY!