Friday, July 26, 2013


I've struggled writing this post this month. It's been a rough few weeks as we have been adjusting to a few changes in our lives. Jeremy has started working the midnight shift again so he is gone all night, sleeps all morning, and then when he is awake he is doing homework or going to school. With him being gone so much I have been taking care of the kids on my own. I love it but it is hard handling two on my own. Sometimes I feel like a wuss because I have really good kids, but Savvy has been more demanding lately and I worry sometimes that I am too tired to meet their needs.  I feel the worst for Britton. He is an active little one and is used to going to the park, being outside, and constantly doing things. Since the baby was born we have not been going out as much and it has been hard for him to be confined to the house. He is SO wild and loud that I have been losing my patience with him more than normal. I feel bad because he is not doing anything wrong, but as I am trying to take care of the baby and keep him quite for Jeremy to sleep I get frustrated with him more easy. Then I feel guilty and like I am a bad mom to him. I know that things will get back to normal as the baby gets bigger and is not so dependent on me (and when we get her acid reflux under control so that we can all sleep!).  It is just hard to be patient with myself and not be too hard on myself. Sometimes I really get down because I love my kids so much and want to be a good mom to them, but I am so tired lately that all I want to do is plop him in front of the TV and pray the baby sleeps! I know that all this is normal and that things will get better. I know I am not a bad mom, but sometimes it is hard to remember it. The thing that I fall back on is that I do love my kids. They are my world and I am SO thankful for them. I feel beyond blessed to have them and I have to think that the Lord would not have given them to me if I was going to screw them up:) I need to be patient with myself and not be so hard on myself...easier said than done!! Now I am done feeling sorry for myself and ready to get on to some cute pictures of my kiddos. 

These are pictures we took the day we brought Savvy home. She "bought" Britton a backpack and two new trains. I think that is part of the reason he has been so good to her ;)  The boy does love trains. 

Here are some pictures of him loving on her. He really does love her and is very sweet to her. He has started calling her girlfriend and it is SO cute!

We survived our first traumatic injury with the baby. I had her laying on the living room floor after I changed her diaper and Britton was running around like a wild man.  I went to go pick him up to move him away from her and he jerked away from me. When he did that he fell forward and head butted her really hard. She instantly started wailing and a big lump formed on the side of her nose. I had a panic attack because I thought he broke her nose. Of course it was after hours and so I had to call the on call doctors number. Her nose was not broken and we survived. It scared Britton and I could tell that he felt bad. He conked her pretty good and they both had bruises.  

I also forgot to post last month a great achievement that the young women in our ward accomplished. About a year ago we challenged all of our girls, their mother's, and the leaders to get their Young Womanhood Recognition Awards.  Every month for a year we have had a personal progress nights and worked towards getting them. On June 23rd we had 16 girls, moms, and leaders receive their medallions. We also had one girl who already had her award get her honor bee!  I am so proud of the YW and their moms. They worked hard and really impressed me with their dedication. I love the YW of our ward. They make my calling so easy because they are so good! Here are some pictures of all of us with our medallions: 

We had family pictures taken recently and I LOVE them. So grateful for Melinda Payne. She did such a good job taking the pictures!!  Here are some of my favorites!

I love my family and am grateful for my babies!!I truly am blessed!