Saturday, September 14, 2013

End of Summer/School Starts!

We have had a great end of the summer. We have enjoyed some fun family time. Britton and I have been spending lots of time outside in the mornings while Jeremy is sleeping. Britton is far too loud to be indoors :) 

Now that Jeremy is working the late shift he is home for dinner. We have been able to eat together and we recently took the kids on a little picnic at the park for FHE.  Britton loved it. He keeps asking to do picnics now so we have had a few on the living room floor. 

We took Britton to see his first movie: Disney's Airplanes. To say that he thoroughly enjoyed it is an understatement. He did pretty good and sat through most of it. We got a large bucket of popcorn and he ate 80% of it. When it was gone he stuck his head in the bucket and asked where his popcorn went. It was so fun to watch him experience the movies for the first time. He's such a cutie! 

Britton started pre-school this month. He is loving it. We were going to go to Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood, but she did not have enough kids for her 3 year old class so she cancelled it. We are now going to Little Tikes Pre-school in North Salt Lake and I think it is going to be a much better fit for us. He loves it. His teacher's name is Mrs. Melinda. His best friend Camden is in his class and we carpool to school together. It is fun listening to them on the way home from school. The first ride home they were looking up each other's noses and talking about the color of their boogers. Boys...  Britton is learning a lot and having lots of fun.  

Our sweet Savannah turned 3 months and is eating us out of house and home. She is getting so so big!  She is getting over the colic and only has one or two bad nights a week now. I am thankful for that. She is sleeping 6-7 hours at night now which is beyond helpful. She rolled over for the first time yesterday. I was excited that I got to see it. I missed Brit rolling over and was thankful to be home to see her. She loves her daddy. Jeremy can walk into the room and she will immediately break out into a huge smile. She laughs for him and grins the biggest for him. 

We are very blessed and thankful for all that we have! Love my family!

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