Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall 2013

October has been a very fun month for us. We have had a lot going on and I feel like the time has flown by! Jeremy has been working hard at school and work. He finished the first block of fall semester. He got straight A's, but that does not shock me. The boy is a perfectionist. We decided that he needed an outlet to have some fun because the last 4 years have been all about work and school. So he is now playing hockey again!! He is playing with a group of guys he has known forever and he is enjoying it. My favorite part is watching Britton idolize him. Brit loves to go in the locker room with daddy and watch the Zamboni clean the ice. He gets really excited during the game and yells loudly for his dad. At his first game Jeremy fell down on the ice and Britton was very concerned about him. He almost started crying bc he thought daddy was hurt. It was really cute. We have enjoyed going to Jeremy's games! 

At the beginning of the month Britton was able to go to Disneyland with Jeremy's parents. He was so excited and had a blast. It was hard to have him gone for 5 days, but I am glad he got to go. I have fond memories of time I was able to spend with my grandparents growing up and I want Brit to have the same. While he was gone our house was SO quiet. Savannah was going through a little growth spurt so she slept a lot and I had a lot of down time. I got to start reading again and Jeremy and I went out on a few dates. It was fun! This is my favorite picture they took of Britton at Disneyland. It completely captures how spoiled this cute boy is! 

Our sweet Savvy continues to grow so quickly. She is now 4 months old. At her last appointment she weighed 13 lbs. That is only 1 lb behind where Britton was at that age. So much for being a premie! Girlfriend loves to eat! She has these rolls on her thighs that are just chubby and cute. I love them. I love her! Although I learned this week that having a girl is dangerous. I hate shopping...really not a fan. However I walked into Carter's to get Savvy some new pj's and $100 later I came out with a whole new wardrobe for her. The clothes for girls are so much cuter than boy clothes!  She has started on solids and as a result her colic is coming back somewhat. The poor girl has a very sensitive stomach and has a hard time with new foods. It is not nearly as bad this time around, but it is still really sad. She gets more and more cute every day though and I count my blessings that we have her in our lives. I know how truly blessed I am to have my kids and I would not trade them for the world. They are everything to me! 

For our Family Home Evening tonight we went to Pack's Pumpkin Patch in Farmington. Britton had a blast in the hay maze and choosing his pumpkin.  Here are some pics from our adventure: 

So many options

The perfect pumpkin

King of the Wheelbarrow! 

I love that they are both looking away from the camera

LOVE my family

Again...would it hurt them to look at the camera ;)

My artists

Cute, huh?!