Monday, January 20, 2014

New Year- 2014

This month's post is going to be a catch up from last month and lots of pictures of my cute kids! I forgot to put that Brit had his preschool Christmas program last month. It was fairly traumatizing for him. He ripped his thumbnail off right before it started and cried through the whole program.  It took some work to get him on the stage. Wrapped in his blanket he was able to make it through 2 songs before he came and sat on my lap for the rest of the time. It was still cute and it was fun to have him in his first program :)

After his program he was so excited to meet Santa. He told Santa that he wanted a new Ishani and Ripslinger Airplane from the movie Airplanes. He also told Santa all about his injured thumb and had to have Santa kiss it to make it feel better.

This is his teacher Miss Amber. He loves her and calls her Miss Ambuhber. I went to pick him up the other day and she came up to me and said, "I have to tell you. Sometimes I ignore him just so that he will say my name a few times." I thought that was funny. It is really cute the way he says it!

My sweet babies are getting so big and I seriously can't believe it. They make me laugh every day and I am trying to document the things they do. Here are some of the antics they have been up to the last little while. 

Brit was watching a movie on the ipad the other day and I looked over and saw this. Why?  Who knows...

When Brit was sick this week he asked me for a granola bar. I gave him one and when I came back into the room 10 minutes later I saw this. I asked him why he crumbled it up and he said...."Mom I only eat the chocolate chunks".  How can you be mad at that? :) 

Savy is getting so big. She is 7 months old now. She is sitting up on her own, trying to scoot, and teething. She chews on everything. She loves music and quiets down immediately when she hears it. 

She is such a momma's girl. She loves to be held and doesn't get put down for too long. If she does get put down she just cries and cries. I cannot just let her cry so she has me trained to keep picking her up. She is so darn cute though so I don't mind too much. She loves her binki, but she always puts the side of it in her mouth and not the front. It cracks me up! 

Jeremy and I are so blessed to have these cuties. We love them and don't know what we would do without them! 

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