Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mimi and Papa come to Visit with Cousin Kirk!!

We were really lucky this week to get to have my parents come into town and spend time with us. We haven't seen them since sweet Savannah was a week old. They brought my nephew Kirk and Britton was in heaven. They had a blast playing together. Britton basically lived with my parents at my uncle's house the entire week. Every morning when Savvy and I would come up to visit, the first thing he would say to me is, "I am not coming home with you!" He enjoyed having mimi's ipad, going to bed late every night, and being able to wrestle with his cousin. We took the boys swimming, to Kangaroo zoo, and they ended every night in Uncle Marty's hot tub!  Needless to say they had so much fun. We were sad to see them go today! Here are some pictures of our adventures!

The three amigos

Cousins with Mimi

Kids with Mimi and Papa -- Kirk was thrilled to be taking more pictures

Kids with their favorite uncle--Uncle Marty

Trying to get a better picture--the kids weren't cooperating

Britton and Papa playing guns

Tackling Papa

Dog pile on Papa! 

Savannah just sat and watched the chaos--she wanted to join in but couldn't muster up enough courage to get over there

Savannah has started to find her center and balance herself--standing for a few seconds on her own

Don't you just want to eat those yummy cheeks! 

Britton and Kirk wrestling -- Kirk schools Brit every time and Brit loves it! 

CUTE cousin Kirk

Britton has started referring to himself as "The Tiger"  He literally walks around the house like this roaring at people. When he wants something to eat he'll tell you "The tiger is hungry". It is funny and weird all at the same time! Love this boy! 

Kirk was smitten with Savannah. He said that when he left the only girl he was going to miss was Savvy. He asked me if he could sit behind her so that if she fell he could catch her. He really loves her and it was super cute with her.

Making sure she didn't fall

I asked the boys to hug so I could take their picture---this is what I got! 

This pretty girl is 8.5 months old now. As of this week she is crawling and starting to balance herself. She eats constantly and is starting to only want real food, not her baby food. 

Hot tub buddies! 

We had so much fun with my family. We wished that we lived closer. I am thankful for my parents and for all they do for us. I am grateful that we live in a day and time that we can see each other often and keep in contact via face time and cell phones. I love my family. 

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