Sunday, March 30, 2014

Normal Everyday Life....

March was a calm/normal month for us. Life continues on as it typically does.  Jeremy is still working hard with school and UPS.  He is looking for a day job and we are praying that he will find one. We are tired of him working the night shift and are hopeful that the right thing will pop at the right time. He works so hard for us and has been so dedicated with his schooling.  He is a good man and a great husband/father. We love him! 

Britton is doing so well. At the beginning of the year he really struggled with his transition from nursery to primary. He would lay across the chairs and cry. He didn't want to stay and frequently told me that he "hated big boy primary".  Thankfully he has AMAZING teachers and now loves going. His teachers Sister Banks and Sister Willis have been so good with him. They come up with the cutest lessons and every week he comes home with neat handouts. He loves them and we are so grateful to them.  Today we took them thank you cards for being so awesome. Britton took the cards to their doors and thanked them for being "his best teachers".  He is also doing good in pre-school. It has been fun to watch him grow up a little. It makes me sad though that he is no longer my baby boy...he is turning in to quite the little man. His mind is amazing and he is so smart. He continues to refer to himself as "the tiger" or "the sharp tooth".  He gets mad if we do not refer to him as the tiger or the sharp tooth and he will correct us and make us call him that. He is reading so well and can read the words: it, in, on, meets, see, sits, I, am, sam, sis, mit, mat, little, and tiger.  He has a very tender heart and is so sweet. The other day when I left for a conference I told him that I would miss him so much that day. His eyes teared up and he looked at me sincerely and said, "Mommy I am going to miss you too!" He melts my heart. My mom sent me some baby pictures of me when I was young and I compared them to some of Brit about the same age. I think he looks like me:

Our sweet Savvy is getting so big. She is 9.5 months old now and eats constantly. She loves eating real food. Her favorites are mashed potatoes, french fries, milkshakes, bread, yogurt, and anything you are trying to eat. She likes to be held and doesn't like me to put her down. It makes it difficult to to get anything done and most of the time there is not more than one clean room in my house at a time. I try and be patient with her though, because I know it won't be too long until she is walking and wants nothing to do with me :) She has started sleeping through the night which is amazing. She goes to sleep around 7:30/8 and will wake up around 4:30/5 a.m. to eat. She eats and then goes back to bed until 7:30 or 8.  It has been so helpful that she is finally sleeping. I feel like I can handle everything now that she is sleeping consistently. She is struggling with her teeth. She doesn't have any yet, but her gums are red and swollen. I hope she gets some soon so that she is not in pain. She is beginning to become a little bit of daddy's girl. When Jeremy and Britton are in the room she prefers to be with them right in the middle of their wrestling matches. She LOVES her brother. Whatever he is doing she wants to be right there with him. Thankfully he is pretty patient with her. She is crawling all over, pulling herself up on the couches, and scaling them. She is trying to be brave and take little steps, but she is still timid about taking steps on her own. At her 9 month appointment she weighed in at 18 lbs 11 oz and was 19 inches long. She is cute as a button and we are thankful to have her.

Things at work have been busy for me. I finished my hours last week and will be turning in my hours for licensure this week hopefully. When my application is processed I will be licensed and completely done with everything I went to school for. It is a great feeling to almost be there. It has taken 6 years of school, two degrees, a 1 year internship, and 3 years of 4000 hours work experience. I'm thinking I probably should have gone to medical least at the end I could have been a doctor :)  Kidding. I love my job and am thankful that I get to do something I love.

All in all the Bergeson family is doing well. We are very blessed and know that the Lord has been very good to us. I am grateful for these quiet months. It is a gentle reminder that life is good and God is good to us. 

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