Friday, October 31, 2014

September/October 2014

The last two months have been really busy and I didn't get around to writing so I am making sure that I get it in before midnight tonight so I don't miss two months in a row :)  Things are going well for our little family and we are grateful for all that we have.  I honestly feel humbled by all the blessings we have in our lives and I am truly thankful to the Lord for my family, our health, and the freedoms we enjoy.  Here is a little update on each of us. 

Jeremy is back in school and doing well. He just finished his first block of classes this semester and is on to his second. He continues to look for full time employment so we can get him off the night shift. He works really hard and I am thankful for him. He is starting to apply for fellowships/internships that will begin after he graduates in May. We are excited/anxious to figure out what is next for him and where our little family will end up.  Because he is doing so well in his current job he won an additional week of paid vacation that he has to use before peak season starts after Thanksgiving. So he now has the last two weeks of November off work and we are very much looking forward to having him home!!  He is a good man and a good husband. 

I am getting bigger and more tired every day :)  I will be 21 weeks pregnant on Monday and things are going well.  We are very excited that we are having a boy!  I admit that I may have teared up with relief at the ultrasound.  I wanted a boy for Britton because he wanted a baby brother so badly.  I didn't want him to be disappointed so I am thrilled that he got his wish.  The baby is healthy and seems to be developing on track which is a blessing beyond measure.  

Britton continues to be a light in our lives. That boy has more energy than a pack of wild horses and he goes non stop from morning until night. He has a hard time listening, but I am pretty sure that is normal for a 4 year old boy. He is a very tender hearted little soul and I am grateful for him. He had a great week at school this week. They got to take a field trip to the pumpkin patch and he got to pick out his own pumpkin to paint. He wanted to choose the littlest pumpkin so that it could be small like him :)  Then they had their class halloween party. I really like his school and am grateful that he loves it so much. His teachers are great and he loves them. The morning of our ultrasound where we learned the sex of the baby I was trying to prep him so that he would be happy either way. I reminded him that the appointment was that day and that after school I would tell him if we were having a boy or a girl.  He responded by saying to me, "Mom, when I get home from school and you tell me if we are having a boy or a girl; just tell me that it's a boy, ok?!"  When we came home and told him he said, "Yeah....I know."  It was funny. Later that night he told me that he was going to teach sharptooth everything that he knows."  He really is a great big brother. He is very protective and kind to Savannah and I am thankful for his pure little heart.

Captain America--he was really impressed with how big his muscles were.  He was a little hesitant about the costume until I pointed out how strong he looked....then all was well! :) 

Standing in line in class for a game

Fun times at school

Singing songs---at the least the other kids were. Britton just kept saying "Daddy, daddy, daddy"

Superhero Britton!!

Pushing his baby sis while trick or treating

His stash after all was said and done! He did good! 

Savannah is really starting to develop her little personality and mature.  We have been blessed with a little hiatus from teething and she is now sleeping!!  It is a miracle!!  She now has 12 teeth.  Between 11 months and 16 months she has gotten all 12 of those teeth. It has been a long, tiring 5 months.  Now that she is not in pain she is really starting to develop and it is fun to watch.  She has these dimples when she grins that are to die for. She loves to play chase and steam roller with her daddy. She also likes to be wherever Britton is and doing whatever he is doing. She idolizes that boy.  Her speech is starting to come and she can now say, "mommy, daddy, Jeremy (which she pronounces mer-mee), hi, bye, uh-oh, and shoes.  This girl LOVES her shoes.  Whether she is dressed or not she always brings us her shoes and insists that we put them on.  It is quite adorable. Her hair continues to be wild and she really does not like to have it done. If I have a clip in there she pulls it out within the first minute or so.  If I put elastics in there she spends the entire day trying to pull them out and usually rips out a few strands of hair in the process.  So most of the time she runs around naked and looking like a homeless child because she doesn't like her hair done.  At least she is not barefoot :)  She is a joy and we are loving watching her grow into a little lady.

Her hair is seriously out of control--this is what she looks like every morning :) 

Not happy about her Halloween skirt for brother's class party.  We ended up not wearing it

This lady bug did not want to wear her hat

Really it wasn't going to happen...

So we improvised and made antenna out of her hair!! SO CUTE!

I don't have the words to adequately express my gratitude to my Heavenly Father for the things that I enjoy in this life. I look at all that is going on around me and feel thankful for where we are in life. We are not perfect and we have our challenges, but things are good right now and I am in awe of His goodness to us. I'm thankful for my testimony, my Savior, and His church in my life.