Friday, December 26, 2014

December 2014--Savannah's Burn Story/Christmas

December did not start out great for our little family. Every Monday night we go up and have dinner with my Uncle and his family. They have a glass fireplace that they rarely use. Savannah is used to going up to it and seeing her reflection and kissing herself in it. On December 1st we went up there and the fireplace had been on without us knowing. They had smelled gas when they got home from work and wanted to burn it off before shutting off the main gas line. We had been there about 10 minutes when she walked up and put both hands on the glass.  She froze and did not pull her hands off (which apparently is a normal reaction for young children).  By the time I figured out why she was crying and got across the room to her she had been on their for about 20/30 seconds. When I pulled her off her hands immediately blistered up and became swollen.  Luckily one of my uncle's son in laws is a nurse. He got there right as we were leaving and said that I should take her to the ER. My uncle and I raced her to Lakeview and they transferred us to the U of U Burn unit. We were in the ER that night until about 1 a.m. They felt like it was a superficial 2nd degree burn and that she would heal quickly. They popped her blisters, cleaned the wounds and bandaged her up.  I felt like that would be the end of it.  Here are some pictures of the initial burn

Left Hand

Right Hand

After they cleaned and popped the blisters

The Thursday following the burn we had our first follow up appointment with the burn clinic at the U. At this point they still felt like the burns were superficial and she would heal well. They showed us a new way to bandage them and sent us on our way. 

Her pretty gloves 

The day after our first appointment Savannah spiked a fever. Fevers are common with burns, but hers got up to 103.4. Anything over 102 can be associated with infections so we called the burn clinic and went back in.  That day they told us that her burn was still burning her  (I was unaware that burns could keep burning) and had converted to 2nd and 3rd degree burns particularly on her right hand. The PA told us that skin grafts would likely be necessary especially for her right palm. I had a mini melt down in the office. I felt so bad for Savy and hadn't slept in three days because she hadn't been sleeping well. I think that caught the PA off guard so she said that we would wait a week before we made a final decision and give the left hand time to see if it was going to convert to a deeper burn or heal.  Here are some pictures of the burn as it progressed. The white spots are dead skin that was burned so deep it was not growing back. Those are the areas she needed grafting. 

Left hand. The parts where it is bleeding are what they like to see...the white strip on top is where she got the graft. 

Right Hand :( 

So the next week we just waited to see how her left hand would heal. We had to wash and scrub her hands twice a day and change her bandages. It was so sad. Every time we took her to the tub she would just shake and cry. It was very painful for her and very sad for me.  I think intuitively she knew that I wasn't trying to hurt her, but it did hurt. After every cleaning session she would get up and just hug me.  It was so sweet. We would sit there and cry together. 

The bandaging when we had to do her fingers and hand took about 45 minutes to an hour. We had to individually tie each finger to the glove. 

Sometimes it took too long and was too much so she just slept through it! 

Mimi came out to help us. This child has never fallen asleep on an outing, but during our Sam's Club trip she was out cold!!  

Her and brother playing. He has been so good to her through all of this! 

One day Britton laid a blanket out on the floor and held Savy during a movie. Cutest thing ever!!! 

Taking a walk with Mimi

These are the splints we have to put her on at night and during naps. We also have to stretch her fingers and her palms out so that she does not lose mobility in her hands. 

We met with the surgeon on Tuesday Dec. 16th. He felt like a full palm graft was necessary for her right hand and a partial graft for her left. He said that once they make the decision to do the grafts it is best just to get it done. We scheduled it for Thursday Dec. 18th. The surgery took about 2.5 hours. They cut skin from the crease between her thigh and her groin and implanted it onto her palms. The surgeon said that everything went perfectly and he was pleased with the results. He was a good man. He has been doing this for 30 years and said that in those years he has only had one person who needed to have the grafts re done. Here are some pics of surgery day. 

Waiting with daddy before hand--She screamed every time that someone came into the room that wasn't family and wouldn't let anyone else touch her. We were not allowed to go back with her--the doctors have to carry her into the OR.  So they had to give her some anti anxiety meds to calm her down so they could take her. Within about 15 minutes of taking the meds she became a whole new baby. She was talking to everyone. Kissing everyone--sometimes with an open mouth--and left with the  doctors without even batting an eye. It was really quite funny and sad all at the same time. 

Waking up afterwards trying to figure out what the heck is going on. 

The nurses let her take her dog back with her to surgery. Violet came out with matching bandages. I thought that was so cute! 

All bundled up

She got hand fed for about a week 

Graft site

This makes my heart hurt :'(

Britton is the best big brother. He has been so helpful and patient with Sav. When he says his prayers he prays that her hands will heal. He told me that it "hurt my heart that Sav burned her hands".  He is such a tender, compassionate soul. Love him! 

The Monday after surgery we had our first follow up appt. They keep telling us that the grafts look great and are taking well. Here are some pictures of the grafts and the # of days post surgery. 

Left Hand Day #4

Right Hand Day #4

Seeing her hands for the first time post surgery. They scare her a little and she seems to prefer them bandaged up. 

Poor thing has been traumatized by all the doctor visits. I am pretty sure she will hate going to the doctor's for a while. 

Left hand 6 days post op

Right hand 6 days 

Left hand day 8 post op

Right hand day 8 post op

All in all things are now calmed down. We don't have to take her back until next Tuesday. She has to wear her splints all the time from now until then. She will hate that, but I feel like we are on the down hill side of things. I am grateful that she is healing and that the grafts have taken so well. There have been so many blessings and tender mercies through this whole process. Jeremy and I are so thankful for all the love and support everyone has shown to our little family. We are blessed to be surrounded by great family, great neighbors, and a fantastic ward family. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

Somewhere along the way I made it into my third trimester.  I am 28.5 weeks along now and things are going pretty well. I failed my first glucose test, but I really feel like that happened with all the stress and eating out we did with everything going on with Sav. I have behaved myself more this week and had the three hour test today.  I think I will be ok based on the numbers I got from the lab slip. We still have to wait for the official word from my doctor on Monday, but I am hopeful that we will be ok. I believe we have a name picked out for this little man.  I think we are going to name him Kylen Kevin Bergeson. Both Jeremy's dad and my dad's names start with K and Jeremy's best friend growing up's name is Kyle.  So we chose Kylen to incorporate all of that. Jeremy really wanted to have his dad's name be a part of the baby's name to show respect to him. He is a good man. That is where Kevin comes from. 

In the midst of all of this we got to celebrate Christmas with both of our families. My dad came out to join my mom and my parents got to have their first Christmas ever with our kids.  Christmas morning Jeremy's family and my family came over to watch the kids open their gifts and then we had a big breakfast together. It was nice and I was thankful that everyone could be there. We had a nice quiet day at home and it was PERFECT.  

Santa came! 

Sav's kitchen and shopping cart

Playing with the kitchen before grandparents arrived

His happy face that Santa came

She is a running machine with that cart!  When she is headed your direction watch out!!

When sister went down for a nap dinosaur transformers over took her kitchen set.  I think Brit is going to enjoy this almost as much as Sav :) 

Savy's loot

Brit's loot

Enjoying a Christmas Twix and making it look like she pooped on her bandages :) 

I am thankful that December is almost over.  We have made it through the storm and hopefully now things can calm down. Through all of this I am thankful to my Savior for his constant presence. I am thankful for the holiday season where we can focus on Him and the things that really matter in life. He is my rock and my guide and I am thankful for my relationship with Christ as it is what carries me through!