Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

For the first time ever Jeremy is home for the holidays. We love that he is no longer at UPS and we have somewhat of a normal schedule. This has been the best holiday season we have had so far! December was a busy, busy month for us with lots of updates! 

Jeremy and I decided to start two new traditions this year. We wanted to spend some time each day talking about Christ and teaching our kids the true meaning of Christmas. We found the 25 days of Christ and decided to do that. Each day you read a story or watch a movie, from the New Testament/Book of Mormon, about the life of Christ. It was a great way to bring the spirit into our home and I am thankful to my good husband who made all the ornaments while we were in Illinois over Thanksgiving. It was amazing to me how much the kids took away from it and I do think it helped them to understand what Christmas is really about. 

Jeremy's boss heard that we did not do Elf on the Shelf and she felt like it was something we needed to she bought us an elf :) We decided to go ahead and try it and see how it went. Savannah LOVED it. She woke up every morning and asked "Where's Elfie?" (Britton named him!). Britton was a bit more cautious with Elfie. It was funny to watch. He genuinely believed that Elfie was real, but he couldn't figure out how he came to life each night. He was a little bit leery of him. On Christmas Eve we told the kids they could play with Elfie and hug him goodbye since he didn't need his magic to get back to Santa that night. I asked Britton if he wanted to touch him and he looked at me very unsure and said, "Uh....maybe later..." He cracks me up. It took a while for him to warm up to it, but he did eventually hug Elfie. Some of their favorite things Elfie did were drawing on our family pictures, zip lining in the living room, making marshmallow snowmen, hiding in Britton's favorite cup, and making the kids Christmas cookies! 

Elfie sitting by Santa's cookies waiting for a ride back to the North Pole

The kids and Elfie

Kissing him goodbye

I'm slightly nervous about how much she enjoyed kissing him goodbye and how many kisses she gave him! 

Santa Came!

Britton has a had a great month. He is so kind, sweet, and loving. He continues to do well in school--working hard at writing his letters and reading. He was the one that really understood the 25 days of Christ. It was fun to watch him learn and understand the concepts that we taught him. We always watch Joy to the World on Christmas Eve. A lot of the stories on that movie correlated with the ornaments and stories we read in the 25 days. It was fun to watch him get excited about what he had learned and point them out.  All he wanted for Christmas was an Indominous Rex dinosaur and a two eyed minion. We purposely hid his Indominous Rex and let him open all his other presents Christmas morning to see how he would react. After opening all of his presents we asked him what he thought and if he was happy with what he received. Without missing a beat he replied that he did and he picked up a dinosaur puzzle and excitedly told us about how cool the T-rex was. He spent a lot of time helping his brother and sister open their presents and making sure they were happy. When we showed him that Santa hid a special present for him (his Indominous Rex) he was so grateful and sweet about it. There are not words to describe how much we love this kid and how thankful we are that he is part of our family. He is a special soul! 

Kindergarten Picture

Dressed up for Church Christmas Sunday


All his presents

Finally opening his Indominous Rex and being SO cute! 

His two eyed minion that Aunt Heidi hand crocheted for him! 


Building legos with daddy

Savannah is growing up and I feel like she changes more and more every day. Her speech is developing so much and she is a riot. She has started randomly coming up to us and saying, "Guess what...I love you!" She loves to help me around the house particularly "folding laundry" (She takes it out of the basket and throws the clothes on the neatly folded piles I create) and she loves to help me unload the dishwasher. She takes one dish at a time, hands it to me and says in her funny accent, "here".  It takes a while to get it done but it is so funny I can't rush her. She continues to worship the ground that Britton walks on and follows him around all day every day. She loves to do whatever he is doing. This month marked the year mark since her burn and her hands look AMAZING!  She has been fighting an ear infection and bronchitis this week so she hasn't felt extremely well, but is finally on some medication and doing better the last two days. She is a hoot and makes us laugh on a daily basis. She adds spice to our lives and we are so incredibly grateful for her. 

She won't nap anymore so any time we drive anywhere she crashes--her life is rough people

Wearing their "hats"

Seriously...she still needs naps, but refuses to take them so she falls asleep in the shopping cart

We are still dealing with tantrums--90% of the time we don't know what they are about

Christmas dress---so pretty! 

Opening an 8 pack of "lips" for Christmas (Chapstick)

She loves to watch me do my make up for work so we bought her a vanity for Christmas

She loves it--so does Britton--and Ky! 

So beautiful with her fake make up! 

Sitting in her tent from Grandma Renee with Olaf! 

Making sure her Ariel doll that Aunt Heidi got her is beautiful too

All her toys and she plays with the box....

Sweet Kylen is getting bigger by the day and it makes me so sad. He turned 9 months old this month. He is pulling himself up on everything, crawling like a boss, and really wanting to walk. He eats like a horse and wants big people food along with his baby food. At his 9 month check up he weighed 19.5 lbs, is 29.25 inches long, and is pure perfection. He has his two bottom teeth.  He remains calm and content despite the chaos of his siblings. He puts up with them pushing him down, stealing his toys, and occasionally drowning him in the tub. He smiles through it all. He has finally started sleeping through the night and life is getting a lot easier at our house as a result. To say that we love this kid would be an understatement. We are so blessed to have him! 

His favorite place to sleep is still on me

He is always happy and smiling

Smilen' Kylen

9 months old

All of my kids inherited Jeremy's cowlick, but this kids is out of control. I serious have no clue how we are supposed to tame this. 

His Christmas outfit that was actually Britton's Easter outfit. Kylen is so much bigger than Brit was that his hand me down clothes aren't fitting like they are supposed to, even though the two were born about the same time of year. Kylen is wearing in December what Britton was wearing in April. 

Opening presents with mama and mommy

Not sure about this whole Christmas thing

So I'll just eat my book

These kids are our whole world and we love them to the moon and back! 

Jeremy and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary this month. I don't know how to adequately express how much I appreciate this man. He values his family and takes very seriously his role as husband and father. He takes care of us and loves to be with the kids. He seriously spoiled me this Christmas and I am thankful for him. 

New comforter set for Christmas--our first in seven years---it was much needed!

Jer surprised me with a necklace for Christmas that has all three kids' names and birthstones. I love it almost as much as I love him. Thanks for being so great babe! 

Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving this year was a little different for us. For the first time in our married life we did not spend the holiday together as a family. Jeremy and I decided that I should take the kids and go to Illinois to visit my family, but he stayed in Utah as he had to work. We missed him like crazy, but it was wonderful to go see my family! 

Flying by myself with these 3 rugrats was not my best idea ever! 

Sav did pretty good on the way out, on the way home she screamed almost the whole flight--the boys did awesome! 

When we landed Ky was done being cooped up! 

Cousin Kirk was so happy to see Savannah--he loves her so much and she loves him!

Snuggle buddies

Park day! 

Bath time x 4

Snuggle time with Uncle Dexter and Zeus!

Mimi and Stephanie


Chilling while Mimi and Stephanie are making pies

Uncle Spencer and Ky

On our way back to Chicago we stopped at Shedd's Aquarium

Waiting for the dolphin show

We had a wonderful time and I was so thankful to get to see my family!