Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Year--New adventures

The new year is off to a better start for us thank heavens!!  We have had some fun adventures in January.  We have not had much snow this winter (much to my joy and happiness) but the few snow storms we have had, Britton has enjoyed. This is the first year he has wanted to go out and play in it.  I am not much of a cold weather fan so thankfully his daddy was up to going out and building a snow man and have a snowball fight with him! 
All bundled up

Sav wanted to join.  She was still in bandages at this point so she didn't get to stay out long--plus she face planted it in the snow and was done pretty quick :) 

Good daddy! 

So proud of his little snow man

Britton and Jeremy also got to go see the show Walking with Dinosaurs.  Brit is still obsessed with dinosaurs so to say that he was in heaven at this is an understatement.  He thoroughly enjoyed himself and talked about it for days after. His favorite dinosaurs were the Stegosaurus and the T-Rex. 

We started a new chore chart with Britton and have been working with him on listening, respecting mom and dad, and not whining when asked to do something. He has been doing so well so we surprised him one day with a trip to the Aquarium (I think he is a bit spoiled...)  He loved it too.  His favorite animals were the penguins and the anaconda.  He also loved the rope bridge that they had and walked across it at least 10 times. 

In the shark tunnel where the sharks can swim right over the top of you--he wasn't sure what to think at first

Looking at the "ishy's"  with sister

Walking the rope bridge

Trying to keep up with sister 

She loved it almost as much as he did! 

Looking at the penguins. He now does an awesome penguin walk and loves to tell people how they stand--just ask him about it! 

Sav continues to heal and do better and better.  She moved from the bandages to the compression gloves and is doing pretty well with them. She doesn't love them but she can't get them off so she tolerates them. We have been working really hard on stretching out that right hand so that it doesn't curl and it is looking a lot better. She is still in the braces at night to keep her hands straight.  They said that she will be in the gloves for a year.  I am hoping it doesn't take that long, but we will see. She has made a lot of progress this month and I am hoping that she will heal quickly from this now that she is in the gloves.  She has been a trooper through this whole experience and I am so thankful that it wasn't more serious!

One of her three pairs of gloves. They let her pick out the colors for all of them and they turned out pretty cute.  We have to put some padding down underneath the gloves and they are kind of beastly to get on, but they are SO much better than the bandaging so we will take it! 

Left hand 1 week after getting the gloves

Right hand 1 week after the gloves

Both hands 2 weeks out--I can't believe how good they are looking and that is why I am hoping she doesn't have to be in them a full year! 

She has gotten a little used to life being cushy for her and takes full advantage of any service rendered to her :)  She now loves to be hand fed breakfast in bed! Love this little doll!

Britton and Sav have started to play so well together. He is the best big brother and takes such good care of her.  She absolutely idolizes him and follows him around everywhere he goes. Whatever he does she wants to be right there with him doing it too. He tolerates that pretty well most of the time and is pretty sweet to her. 

These two melt my heart....

Britton being a "tiger paw sharp tooth"  It is his favorite animal.  

Britton is about to finish up his second year of preschool. It has been such a fun experience for him and he has loved it. His teachers have done a great job with him! He got to take a field trip to Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate Factory and had a blast.  

Chocolate head

Watching them hand dip all their chocolates

Taste testing Chocolate Ice Cream

Watching a train roll by

Playing with his best friend Camden after the field trip. These two are such good friends and play so well together! 

Jeremy and I are doing well. He is working on his final capstone project for his last class!!  WE ARE SO CLOSE TO GRADUATION!!  He is volunteering with Intermountain Medical Center in Murray helping them evaluate and improve their infectious disease protocol.  He is doing assessments for them of the policies they currently have in place, reviewing what was learned from Emory University and the Ebola outbreaks, and making recommendations for how IMC can improve their procedures. It has been a good experience so far for him and we are thankful that he is so close to being done with school! Now if we could just get him off the night shift and out of UPS life would be complete :) 

Love these handsome boys!!

My pregnancy is going ok. I am 34 weeks as of yesterday. I am already dilating and contracting so the doctor told me that I have to take things pretty easy the next few weeks. The goal is to keep the baby in 2-3 more weeks. I will finish up at work this week and then just focus on resting and laying low for the next little while. As hard as it is for me to stay down and still I know I have to so we are going to make it through this. We are so excited to meet this little guy and can't wait to get him here--but we want him here safe and healthy!!  Hopefully our next entry will be all about his cuteness!!