Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Spring 2014--SO MANY UPDATES!!

The past two months have been insanely busy. Having three kids is intense. We have had so much going on that I have a lot to post this time. 

 May 1 was Britton's 5th birthday. I cannot believe he is 5 and headed to kindergarten this fall. I am far too young to have a 5 year old :)  We decided to make his 5th birthday special and take him to Disneyland with Jeremy's parents. We had a great time! He was tall enough to ride almost all of the rides and he had a blast. His favorite rides were Grizzly Rapids, Splash Mountain, and the Car's ride.  The, and I quote, "worstest" rides were the 'Tower of Terry" and Space Mountain.  Savy had a blast as well. She loved the rides and especially loved the splash pads in the Bug's Life section. I don't think I have ever heard that girl giggle so much as when she was running through the water. He also had his pre-school graduation this past week. His time at Little Tikes Preschool has been such a blessing in our lives. It was the perfect place for him and the perfect teachers. He grew and developed so much and we genuinely love Miss Amber and Miss Michele. 

Britton's birthday shirt we ordered for him

Birthday Celebration at School

Poster he made for school

So excited to go to Disneyland even if we did have to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn

All set in their Disneyland outfits grandma Renee got them

This girl is a DIVA

Riding the caterpillar

Playing at the splash pads

Enjoying a birthday treat

Watching the Frozen Play

It got a little intense

She may be her mother's daughter and LOVE ice cream

This kid is beyond spoiled

On some of the rides they made me take Ky out of his carrier and have Savannah hold him because somehow that is more safe--anyway---Sav loved it!!!

Cinderella's castle with Daddy

Riding the Carousel 

Such a ham

Kylen was a trooper during the trip. He spent most of his time in the carrier and did so so good! 

Doing bones with Mickey! 

I was shocked when she went up and hugged him

Riding Splash Mountain with Mama and Papa! 

Kissing Mickey

Sav loved waking up in the same room with Ky every morning. She would climb up and lay by cute! 

Giving goodbye loves to Ms. Amber and Ms. Michele

Best Pre-school teachers EVER!

Our preschool graduate is a rock star! 

Savannah continues to do well with her hands. She is officially out of her gloves as of last week and they look great. We still lotion and stretch daily but I love that I don't have to fight her to get those stinking gloves on. She is starting to get a little jealous of baby Ky.  She still loves on him and is good to him, but she struggles a bit with me paying attention to him. She will cry when we hold him and try to climb up on our laps. There is so much change going on in our lives right now that she is struggling a bit with all the transition. She is however, the cutest thing on the planet and fills our hearts with joy.  She is starting to talk and has the sweetest voice. I love it when she goes up to Kylen and says, "Hi Ky guy".  She ADORES Britton and is his little shadow. She calls him bubba and tries to do everything he does. We sure love this sweetheart! 

At her most recent appt for her hands--we don't have to go back until August now!!! 

They look so good! 

Reading her color book to Ky

This girl has serious bed head in the morning

These two kill me with their cuteness! 

Rocking the ponytail

Watching movies with Bubba

Feeling sad because I am holding Kylen and not her

This is how I entertain them while I get ready for work

Mad because I am nursing Kylen and not holding her

So cute with her new backpack from Mimi and Papa

Kylen is growing like a weed!! He turned 2 months old on the 10th.  At his 2 month appointment he weighed 10 lbs 15 oz and was 23 inches long.  He is the most content little bug and I am so thankful for that. He loves to watch his siblings and they love to be right up in his space. Gratefully he puts up with them like a champ.  He is starting to do tummy time and can lift his head like a pro.  He is very strong. He is starting to smile and coo at us which is adorable. 
Tolerating sister

I love it when he rests his hands there--he likes to hold on when he is sleeping for security


I could just eat his face he is so delicious---but I won't :) 

This last update is hard for me to write. Jeremy graduated on May 1st and is now done with school. He continues to look for full time employment in his field, but for now is still at UPS.  We know that the right thing will come along when it is the right time. Until then he is actively looking for jobs both in and out of state. We feel confident that he will find something soon. We were recently approached by someone asking us if they could buy our house. We prayerfully considered it and felt that it was the best thing for us to do.  If all goes according to plan we will close next week and be gone by the 5th of June. We feel that this is a blessing from the Lord because without even putting our house on the market we are out from underneath it and when Jeremy does get a job we will be able to relocate wherever we need to go. We are so sad to be leaving Woods Cross, particularly the Woods Cross 10th ward. Our time  here has been such a blessing and testimony building experience. We have genuinely been surrounded by salt of the earth good people. We are beyond grateful for the friendships we have built, the lessons we have learned, and the opportunities we have had to serve. It will be hard to find another ward as loving, kind, and friendly as we have experienced here. We are going to be living with Jeremy's parents for a few weeks and then we will be renting a duplex in Farmington until we find something more permanent wherever we end up.  We wish to thank everyone--our neighbors, our ward family, and our friends for the kindness, love and support you have all extended to us the past 5 year. We will truly miss Woods Cross!!