Monday, July 27, 2015


The last two  months have flown by and been full of exciting changes for us! We are so thankful for the knowledge that God is mindful of our little family and ever present in our lives. There were moments of uncertainty the past few months, but He was a constant source of comfort and direction. I have no doubts that He is aware of our family and guiding our footsteps. 
The biggest change is that Jeremy has switched jobs and is no longer on the night shift at UPS.  HUGE BLESSING!  We have our man back! He applied about 6 months ago for a job at Intermountain Medical Center and never heard from them so he assumed he didn't get the job. We were all set to visit Illinois and do job interviews there. I thought for sure we would be moving back east. About two weeks before we left he got called in for an interview for the job at IMC. The next week he got a second interview and the Friday before we left for Illinois he was offered the job. The lady that hired him was specifically looking for someone who had no experience in health care so that she could mentor. Having no experience is what was keeping Jeremy from getting a job so this was a direct answer to prayer and a huge blessing. He is working full time as a practice supervisor at the Heart Rhythm Specialty Clinic at IMC. This week is his second week on the job and he is loving it. It has been so nice to have him on a normal schedule and to have our nights together.  We are so proud of Jeremy for his diligence and work ethic. We are lucky to have him as our husband/daddy! We are also thankful for both sets of our parents who helped us out a ton in moving out of our house and getting into our rental.  Jeremy's parents housed us for about a month while we waited for the place we are renting to become available. We genuinely appreciate them putting up with out LOUD children and the disruption that comes along with them. My parents came out and help us paint and clean up the condo before we sold it. We both come from great parents and I honestly don't know where we would be without their love and support. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

First day on the new job

Rough Housing

Teaching Bubba to mow

Graduation!  Sav was not interested in taking pictures

Britton enrolled in baseball and played 2 games a week for about a month. It was hysterical!!  He is not super athletic but he thoroughly enjoyed himself and we enjoyed watching him. His favorite part was batting and he actually did really good at hitting the ball and running the bases. Outfield however was not his thing. If he was sitting on second base you could find him dancing in the outfield while singing shake it off, spinning in circles creating dust storms, standing right next to his coach asking him 20 questions, or transforming into various animals, including, but not limited to a rooster, a tiger paw sharp tooth, and a raptor. Sometimes when he would run the bases he would transform which consisted of him making a high pitched squealing noise and walking like a t-rex with his arms curled at his chest. The kid is a riot!!

Sitting on 2nd Base

First game excitement

Team picture

So cute!!

Our sweet Savannah turned 2 on June 13. We had a great day with her. We took her to the splash pads and then had a pizza party with presents at grandma Renee's house. She is one loved and spoiled little bug. Her current favorite things are Elmo and cookie monster. For some reason she calls cookie's "dee dee's" and she is obsessed. She asked for a cookie monster cake and an elmo doll and she was thrilled with both. She is definitely entering the "terrible two"s and has temper tantrums on a daily basis. Her vocabulary is also coming in strong and she is talking up a storm. She now says things like "luv you mommy" and melts my heart. She can now say both of her brother's names and it is the cutest thing!!  She thinks she is pretty funny and loves to have dance parties with her daddy and her brother. Their favorite songs right now are shake it off, happy by Pharell, and she is still obsessed with the Fox Song. We love our Savy Dav and don't know what we would do without her.

First pedicure for her birthday! 

She kept saying "oh pretty...I pretty"

Splash pad fun for her birthday! 

This girl is a water babe

Cookie Monster Cake

Uncle Greg made a minion birthday cake for a family party! So cute! 

Opening presents

Loved little lovie

Kylen continues to grow like a weed.  He is just about 5 months old and eats like he is 2-3 years old. After two weeks on stage one baby foods we have had to move him up to stage 2.  He has 2-3 jars of baby food a day and continues to nurse every 2-3 hours. Because he eats so much he is still up a lot during the night to eat which is hard, but ok. Some of his new developments include laughing hysterically when tossed in the air, chatting up a storm with his brother and sister, and rolling over from tummy to back.  He is almost rolling from back to tummy. He is scooting from place to place and I think he will be crawling soon. He likes attention and prefers that I make direct eye contact with him most of the time, but he is still a pretty content little man. His eyes are staying blue and his hair has a strawberry blonde tint to it. We are not sure where he got his looks from, but he sure is cute!!

Rock star

Found his tongue

Best smile

The kids really do play well together and love each other. Thats important to me and we spend lots of time talking about why we need to treat each other kindly. Some days are better than others, but for the most part they do really good and take good care of each other! And they are seriously too cute for words...just look at these faces: 

Watching movies

This girl LOVES stuffed animals

Brotherly love

Tummy time with Ky

We had the opportunity to go to Illinios over the 4th and spend time with my family. It was wonderful to be out there and visit them. We went to the pool, watched fireworks, and had a cook out. I love going back home and slowing down life. I really miss my family and being around them, but I am thankful that we get to see them as much as we do. My consolation for not being able to move home is that I love Farmington. It has a very rural feel to it and I love the small town vibe that it has. We love our ward and the area and are adjusting well.

Ky and papa Kirk snuggling

Parade time

Me and my brother Dex

Brit and Uncle Spencer

Cousins--Brit and Kirk

Aunt Dee and baby Ky

How we entertain on the plane