Sunday, October 4, 2015

End of Summer/Beginning of Fall 2015

What a crazy couple of months. Life with three children and one in school is busy, but wonderful. We have had a fun couple of months and I am excited to get all caught up on the blog.  To round up our summer we had a few fun adventures. 

Jeremy's work took all of the employees to a Bee's game and we had a great time. Britton really enjoyed it. He let us know that he hid a dinosaur underneath the first base line and if the other team went to score he would "unleash" the dinosaur to eat them. It was pretty funny. He also announced that at 8:30 that he was done and ready to go. So we only got to watch the first three innings which was fine. 

Love these boys

Watching intently

It was super hero night at the game so he got a free super hero cape

This face

He met Batman and was really nervous about it. It took me a while to convince him to stand by him

We also decided to take the kids to Lagoon because they asked us every day since we moved to Farmington to go. They loved it and have asked every day since if we can go back. 

All ready and excited to go

Jeremy is doing very well in his new job. He has been there for almost three months now. His boss has really taken him under her wing and is providing him with a lot of opportunities for development and growth. She has been wonderful and a direct answer to prayer. I am so thankful for Jeremy and his diligence and dedication. He takes seriously his role as husband and father and we are lucky to have him. 

Teaching moment between father and son

Getting ready for a 'Dad's and Doughnuts' Breakfast at school

I have had a change in my work life. I recently decided to take a job with a private counseling center called Resilient Solutions in Bountiful. I am excited for this opportunity and am looking forward to the blessings it will bring into our lives. For now, I am going to work both jobs until I build up clientele at Resilient and then we will look at what changes need to happen. I am hopeful that doing this will give me more opportunity to be at home with the kids, but still help us financially. 

Britton has had a very exciting few months. He started Kindergarten and loves it! His teacher's name is Ms. Findlay. It is her first year teaching and she is wonderful. We love her. She does such a great job with the kids and is very patient and kind. Britton is working hard and learning a lot. His "mostest favorite part" is recess, but ever the diplomat he tells us that he "likes all of it." 

We found Ethan on our first day! 

Filling out his getting to know you paper

Ms. Findlay

He was more than a little excited when he saw his name on a dinosaur

Walking to read stories with the principal 

Doing his testing

Loves Little Cesars--he will only bless the food if we have pizza, chicken nuggets, or pb&j

Reading the Book of Mormon before school--King Noah and Abinadi (King Noah is his favorite)

Savannah is a handful and we adore her. She is busy, busy, busy. She is starting to reach that independent stage where she wants to do everything by herself and she doesn't want my help for anything. However at the same time she wants a lot of individual attention. If her brothers are getting more attention than her she lets us know. We started potty training this weekend and she is doing really well. I feel like she has been easier to train, but I'm not certain that is a fair comparison because we had no idea what we were doing with Britton. I'm sure it is our fault he took so long. Savannah loves to help clean and to play with her brothers. She is very sweet and loving to Ky and tries to include him in what she is doing (sometimes to the point of concern for his safety). 

Cleaning the floor

Tantrum because I wouldn't let her eat in the living room

LOVES ice cream...

...and arts and crafts

Mad because I was nursing brother so she had to put herself on my lap too

Thoroughly enjoyed her first shopping trip with Mommy and Grandma Renee


She eats ketchup on everything: turkey, cheese, chips, peas, and anything else she feels like

She refuses to sit in the chair, but the one time I put bubba in we experienced pure drama

Trying to feed Ky her plastic food

Helping Ky

Putting her headbands on the poor kid

First day of potty training--that bum :) 

A little reinforcement help from Elmo's Potty Time

Kylen continues to grow and get big fast. At his 6 month appointment he was 17 lbs 7 oz. He still loves to eat and still eats every 3 hours like clock work. He is starting to scoot himself around in circles but can't seem to get himself to go forward. He smiles a lot and is happy most of the time. He loves to watch his siblings play and no one can make him laugh as hard as Britton can. He loves his big brother. His eyes are staying blue and his hair blonde. We love our little genetically recessive little man! 
Loving his toys

All decked out for church

Seriously...I melt

Standing with help

Yummy chubby goodness

Rolling at the the store like a big kid

Seriously...those blue eyes

These three kids are our life and we are grateful for them. They try our patience on a daily basis and make more noise than humanly possible, but we couldn't live without them and thank God on a daily basis that he entrusted them to us. They teach us every day and we love them. 

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