Saturday, February 27, 2016

January/February 2016

2016 is off to a great start for the Bergeson bunch. Life is busy, busy, busy but it is oh so good. We have too much to be thankful for and we are truly grateful to God for all that we have an all that we enjoy. Jeremy and I are both staying busy with work. Jer continues to love his job and is learning and growing in his field. It is rewarding to see him be done with school and enjoying what he does. Things have picked up for me in my private practice and starting in April I will be dropping down to one day a week at LDS Family Services. I am hoping by the summer things will be consistent enough  at my new job that I will be able to work just one day a week there so I can be home more loving on my babies. 
Our sweet Britton continues to be a tender hearted love muffin. I had an experience with him recently that exemplifies his loving personality. One night, we had tucked him in bed and Jeremy and I were upstairs in our room. Britton comes up and let's me know that he needs me to come downstairs and snuggle with him in bed for a bit. Thinking I may not have too many more of these requests, I agreed. As we were laying in his bed talking, I told him that someday he probably wouldn't want to snuggle with me anymore. Very concerned he responded, "why?" I explained that sometimes when kids get big they don't like to snuggle with their mom's anymore. He went completely silent and after a few minutes I heard sniffling. I looked down at him and he had tears streaming down his face. I asked him why he was crying and he responded, "I'll always want to snuggle with you!"  We shared a big hug as I started tearing up.  He is the best!  He continues to do well in school and is very helpful with his siblings. We love our Britton James! 

Making little brother laugh by calling him "stink butt"

They love dragging Sav's blankets in the hallway and having "sleep-overs" at all hours of the day

Showing off his Stylus that he got for Valentine's Day so he can do his writing apps on the iPad

Savy continues to come into her own. She is starting to express herself more verbally and now only screams about 75% of the time ;)  She calls herself a "princess" and is starting to love dressing up and putting on her make-up. She is sweet, kind, and loving when she wants to be and fiercely independent and headstrong the rest of the time. This girl is a spit fire and we love it! If I tell her no she can't do something she'll look at me and respond, " say no to me".  What do you say to that?? She makes us laugh constantly. She is quite the daddy's girl. She refuses to let me take her to the bathroom or help her do anything if Jeremy is home. She tolerates me most of the time but reminds me as we go throughout our day that she "needs daddy home". I just smile sweetly and say "Me too, sweetheart, me too!".  She is starting to be friends with Kylen. We moved his play and pack into her bedroom and in order to go to sleep she has to have Kylen lay down too. She loves her brothers and we absolutely adore her!

She does love me! 

Her first haircut--she did not approve

Mommy--I boo-ti-full!  

Kisses from Savy

Helping daddy

Making Ky guy laugh when he was supposed to be napping

Kylen will be one in less than two weeks. I cannot believe it and am choosing to remain in denial about it. We went shopping today and Jeremy wanted to look at toys that we might get him. I told him no because I am not ready to allow him to grow up :) He has been walking for about a month now and has become more steady in his steps the last two weeks. With the warmer weather we have been going outside and he LOVES to play in the grass. He still eats us out of house and home. He now refuses to eat his baby food and stop drinking formula. He wants to eat anything and everything we eat. The poor guy still only has his two bottom teeth and is working on the top ones. He has been more cranky lately because of it, but who can blame him. His hair keeps getting more and more out of control with his double cow-licks. I seriously do not know what to do with it so I just let it go. He babbles all the time, but has a much softer voice than his siblings for which I am eternally grateful. Overall he has a happy little spirit and he is a joy in our lives. 

He found my tupperware cupboard and it is now a favorite

Eating sister's make up

Early morning snuggles

That face! 

Sometimes sister puts her underwear on his head and he is not a fan

Making messes

Best daddy ever! 

My view on a rough emotional day!!  

2016 is off to a great start and we are looking forward to spring coming and the weather warming up so we can have more fun adventures. Love this family of ours!!!