Sunday, June 5, 2016

Britton's Birthday and End of School Year

Where has the time gone?! I cannot believe that school has ended and we are back to summer already. I love it though. The last two months have been crazy busy so I have a little catching up to do. 

Jeremy has some exciting news this month. After being a Practice Supervisor at the Heart Rhythm Specialty Clinic at IHC for just about a year, he accepted a Practice Director Job at the Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic. He starts his new job later this month and is looking forward to the opportunity for growth and development that he will have there. It is a huge blessing for us and we are thankful for God’s ever present care for us, as Jeremy continues to progress in his career.  I am so proud of this good man and his dedication and diligence in his work.

Love this man of mine

They love games with daddy

I have slowed down things in my career and am loving having a bit more time at home with the kids. I am working one day a week for LDS Family Services and doing about 1.5 days a week in my private practice. Both are going well and I love the balance between being home with the kids and having some personal time for me. 

Britton has had a big few months. Sweet boy celebrated his 6th birthday and loved having a Star Wars themed party. He is in to all things Star Wars and got to watch all 7 star wars movies in preparation for his big day. He has two Star Wars books that he reads every night before bed. This past week was the last week of Kindergarten as well. I cannot believe that his first year of school is done and over. The time is flying by and I wish I knew how to slow it down. Britton loves school and has such a desire to learn and grow. He is happy and friendly to all and brings such joy to our lives. 
Birthday dinner at his favorite Restaurant Chuck a Rama--also his last day to wear his 5 t-shirt

He asked for a piano for his birthday

He has been taking lessons for about a month now and is really enjoying it

The mask made the Darth Vader breathing noise and he was ecstatic about it

Light Saber Battles! 

Field Trip to Discovery Gateway

We went on a family walk to find a rock for a school project and found just the right one

First and last day of kindergarten--he grew more than I realized

Resting after our first swim of the summer season

Britton and Jeremy also had the opportunity to go on their first father and son's campout. They had a great time. When Jeremy asked Britton if he wanted to go camping, Britton asked if it would be in the Rocky Mountains---because if it was he didn't want to go because he is afraid of bears. They compromised and because it wasn't in the Rocky Mountains and they could sleep in the van Britton agreed to go. They enjoyed a nature hike, playing with friends, and eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast. He decided that the wants to go to Father's and Son's every year! 

Little chilly eating that cinnamon roll

Savannah continues to be a live wire in our house. She is an unpredictable ball of intensity that keeps us laughing 98% of the time and wanting to cry the other 2% of the time.  She is a doll and we are lucky to have her. She turns three next month. She loves to be outside and to play with her brothers. 

An early morning smile that is hard to come by for this girl so I had to document it

This is Savannah to a T

She has developed a love for baking. She loves to help me make banana bread and cookies

Wants to be just like her brother

LOVE this picture

I found her like this one morning--she was really proud of herself

One word: DIVA

Kylen continues to grow and develop. When he is not sucking on his binki he will actually talk. He says: thank you, bye-bye, dada, momma, love you, and NO. He loves to give open mouth kisses with his tongue which is pretty gross, but adorable at the same time. He is working on getting his first set of molars and has been pretty uncomfortable the last few weeks, but he tries hard to be happy despite this. He has figured out that he can get a reaction out of Savannah and thinks it is funny to steal her toys and run away to make her scream. He loves my towel and tupperware drawers in the kitchen and is always making a bit of a mess. He is a great eater and we love him to pieces!!! 

Early morning play time

Loves his siblings

Mad because he got stuck in the towel drawer and I wouldn't help him

He LOVES to drink my sodas

Just before his first hair cut---I could chew on that face

After shot

So handsome! 

Really proud of himself for eating with a spoon

Lounging at the pool with sis. 

We are so excited for this summer and have some great adventures coming up. Love this family of mine and am eternally grateful for them! 

Early morning reading