Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Savannah's Birthday/Summer Fun 2016

What a crazy month. I have a lot to catch up on since our last post. So here we go! We did our annual summer trip to Lagoon again this year. The kids love it. I am not a huge fan, but it is fun to see the kids enjoy it so much.

Soaked after the rapids

Britton working on overcoming his fear of bears

Savannah is a thrill seeker and was so excited she could ride some of the kid roller coasters

Savannah turned 3 this past month and thoroughly enjoyed having a day all about her. She is in to princesses and all things girly. She has also been begging for a bike since Britton learned how to ride his with no training wheels. So a princess themed birthday was in order. Now that it is over everything she see that she wants she says, "I need that for my birthday". So far this year she needs a pony, a puppy, and lots of toys for her birthday next year. 

Her balance bike with her princess helmet (complete with a crown)

A box full of Disney princess dresses

As requested an "Anna Elsa Burfday cake"

She loved the shoes and the crowns

Butterfly Wings

The much anticipated Rapunzel Dress

One happy girl

Doing mommy's hair and make up


Princess Ballerina 

Sumo Ballerina--she kept striking this pose

She felt like Ky needed in on the princess action

Tea Party the morning after

Love this cute threenager

We were spoiled this month and got to have two visits from Mimi and Papa. Both came out at the beginning of the month just to see us and hang out and then Papa Kirk came back for a family reunion. We love it when they come to visit. 

Waiting for Mimi and Papa to get here 

Hiking and playing in the waterfall

Snuggling and watching movies

Snow Cones 

Savannah loves her Mimi

Her first pedicure sitting in her own chair

They gave her an iPad and her day was complete! 

We have been trying to spend as much time outside this summer as possible. We bought a pool pass to the Farmington pool and were thrown a curve ball when Britton James broke his leg. He was jumping on a trampoline at our neighbors house with three other kids who were bigger than him. His bounce was taken and he landed hard on the tramp. He buckle fractured his knee and put a crack in his tibia. It was a sad day. Since getting his cast on though he has been an absolute champ. He hasn't let it slow him down. It did put an end to our swimming adventures, which was a bummer, but he gets it off this coming week and we are hoping to get a few pool days in again before school starts back up. 

Britton continues to learn and grow. He is loving piano lessons and is doing well with it. His imagination continues to be a constant source of entertainment. We love his tender sweet heart and don't know what we would do without our Britton James. 

Best Brother ever! 
Brotherly love

He is still in to photography. He is constantly taking my phone and I find lots of pictures like this every night :) 


First Primary talk! He wrote it himself and read it with just a little help from mom. So proud of him. 

Savannah is ever the diva but too cute not to love. She got to do princess dance camp this summer and is signed up for dance lessons this fall. 

All ready for camp

Leaping over the obstacles like a boss

Enjoying her treat on the way home from Day 1

Making princess crowns with help from Aunt Heidi

Princess cookies she iced herself

Princess tea party

Love this diva! 

Those dimples

Playing princess castle and trains

Breakfast in bed

Making cookies with mom--she insisted that we both wear princess crowns

Kylen has had a rough month. Poor thing is teething and growing, so he has been very grumpy and tired. He loves his mama though and is very snuggly when he is grumpy. He will be 18 months old in September and I cannot believe how quickly he is growing. He is starting to speak and is learning the word why. He loves to sing and walks around the house singing let it go and humming the star wars theme (his music choices are courtesy of his older brother and sister). He is very loving and is always smothering us with hugs and kisses. When he hugs me, he grabs my head and holds it tight. He pats you gently and it melts my heart. We absolutely love our Ky guy and the joy he brings to our family. He is a treasure. 

That spaghetti covered smirk is my favorite

Playing trains with bubba

He is the only child I have ever had that will fall asleep on his own during the day wherever he lands

He's been sleeping a lot this month

really...a lot

A lot! 

His favorite breakfast food is yogurt and he has to feed himself

Climbing trees and proud of himself about it

Kisses for mommy

Jeremy is doing well in his new job and learning a lot. This is a huge opportunity for him and we are grateful for the experience he is gaining. He works hard and I am so proud of him. We had an opportunity to buy a home in our old ward in Woods Cross this month and everything worked out so perfectly. It happened a lot faster and a lot more smoothly than we thought and we are so thankful to be back. Now that we know we will be in Utah for the next several years we are grateful to be in a place so warm and welcoming. We had a great year in Farmington and are thankful for the friendships we made there. It is amazing to me how the Lord watches over and takes care of us. We know exactly who guides and protects us and we know that we would be nothing without God's constant concern and care in our lives. We are abundantly thankful for all we have. 

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